Re: Story request

Guest, I couldn’t find it either after searching several keywords. But it was like like: I was at a large festival in the spring several years back. It had rained and I thought the outing was gonna be a washout tge way things were going. I’m at the main stage where Snoop Dog is gonna perform and I got a little action going, but all of a sudden the target leaves. I’m pissed now because I got this major woody going and nowhere to go with it. Snoop is about to come on and I see no potential targets. I was planning on just staying put in hopes the crowd goes nuts and then maybe something will happen. All of a sudden there’s a chick to my left that is bitching about girls behind her trying to push their way through. She’s quite upset- these girls are relentless. The first gets through and she’s hot as fuck! Shorts up to her ass-cheeks- then another, then another. In total there must have been 7! Everyone of them in short shorts! They basically are surrounding me. I’m already groping each one with both my hands down. I couldn’t believe my luck. And as they’re still fussing with the girl about pushing through, I pull my prick out and let it dangle in between two of them. Their shorts are so high that I can plant my tool against the thigh meat and swipe it across, resting in the crack. I’m literally not believing this-even now as I recant the story. There were a few blondes, brunettes, some of them appearing to be Hispanic. What I got from listening and watching was that they may have been strippers and high on something. They didn’t care what those around them thought of them crowding the space. They also didn’t care if they were getting groped neither! There was a white guy to my left and behind me that eventually couldn’t take my lucky situation without at least saying something. He taped me on the shoulder while leaning forward and said something like “you gotta be one happy right about now”, something like that, indicating he was jealous. I just smiled and nodded. Snoop comes on and I’m all over these bitches! They are jumping up, shaking ass, and I’m switching back an forth between whichever ones are closest to me. I can’t even choose which one I’d rather cum on. But one is obviously gonna get it! It turned out to be a blonde-she had the shortest daisy dukes on, and her skin was so damn soft! I nutted on her and kinda started backing off, but she now was wondering why I wasn’t on her like before. I saw her reach back, feel the cum, lean over to her friend and say something, who looked at me for a second, then resume what they were doing! In a few more minutes of recouping I got back on her. It’s one of those rare times the stars lined up right for a chikan! That’s a High I’ve been chasing ever since!

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