Had to add this

I understand that some don’t like unwanted Dick probing that ass. But on the flip side there are girls that want to be included in that group that receives attention from those wandering wand! I’ll bet there are plenty that will be at my festival lining up to get a Dick in the rear! If you don’t believe it just go to any jam-packed standup venue and stand there. Sooner or later one will make their way right in front of you and nudge you with that hindy! I gar-ron-tee! I’ve tried it- they may not always look the best, but you can bet there are some good ones doing it too! Several years back I posted a story where I was just minding my business (I had given up on having a good time) and all of a sudden a group of Daisy Duke-wearing girls-about 6 or 7 of them- pushed their way to right in front of me! That was a jaw dropping experience for me! All I had to do was pull my tool out, and they did all the work.

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