Argiechickan, Cool weather chikaning

I know my response is too late to help Argiechikan, but I've had lots of success riding in cool weather. 50F seems absolute minimum outside temperature (no precipitation & no wind) that you'll find some people not fully sheathed in coats to shield a chill.

Whenever I've encountered such an environment, people tend to huddle together. That's a base survival instinct that remains hard-wired from our human ancestors. Even absent that, what I've done is carry an additional jacket (warmup top, windbreaker type) with me. There have been numerous times I've found a female at an event who's underdressed/inappropriately dressed (for the conditions), and then offered my jacket as a gesture of concern.

That simple act has been the entree to conversation, riding & more! It's worked more often than it really should.

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