Club grope

Forgot to post this last week, as I like to wait a while with my stories just like my videos and get a lot of experiences. Last week at the club I had another good groping night. One of the main warm-up girls (girls I use to prep for a cum target, usually groping them until I'm about to cum and seeking a better target if possible) was this Latina with a tight bubble ass wrapped around a tan pencil skirt. She caught on to what I was doing and whispered into her friends ear and she laughed. They left for drinks and I rubbed the back of my hand along her cheeks as a complimentary send off for being such a good sport during the time lol.

Further into the night I saw these two girls trying to order drinks at the bar (not the girl & her friend from before) and saw an empty spot next to the one on the right I could squeeze behind. I took the opportunity and rested my dick on her right ass cheek, so she was facing the bartender and my body was turned facing her at angle for better positioning. After ordering her drinks her and her friend stood at the bar while I tried to get the bartenders attention by leaning over the bar waving my hand to her. She noticed me and came over asking what I wanted to drink. As I leaned over I pressed my dick deeper into her cushion ass cheek while having small talk with the bartender, killing time. Once she brought the drinks the two girls left and I had to find a new target.

The club was starting to get an influx of people which was great for me. A group of 3 white girls in skin tight party dresses were making rounds around the dance floor and I took the chance to grope as much as I could. One great moment of it was when there was a slim amount of space to walk through and I saw them attempting to walk by. I turned to face them as they walked by and let my bounce from all 3 of their asses and I had the luxury of my dick catching one of the girl's hand and dragging against her knuckles while the head rubbed on her arm.

Once that was done I followed a nerdy looking Latina that was following her friend and got packed into the crowd. Things were at a standstill and I took advantage to poke and prod her with my cock. I started to pre-cum, but then the crowd cleared up a bit and she was able to meet up with her friend. About half an hour later I see her friend grinding on some guy while she stared onward. I took the opportunity to take her hand and invite her to dance. She immediately turned her back to me once in my vicinity and bent over while I grabbed her by the hips. As the beat got faster I began just doing pelvic thrusts and pulling her by the hips into my cock. It was so satisfying getting to willingly hump a girl after secretly groping her.

When the song finished I noticed this white chick with some skinny jeans on and a nice ass shaking it with her friend. I ditched the nerdy girl and quickly got behind her and I could hardly contain myself. She had one of those mini pocket purses on her shoulder that ended at her left hip so I used it as cover so I could rest my cock on her ass and anyone on the left side would only see her purse. I blew a load on her shirt, ass, and purse and then dispatched to view from a safe distance. She went into her purse to pull out her phone and I could see her reel her hand back inspect her fingers closely, to which I saw that had some cum on them from the bright multicolored club lights shining off of them. She wiped the jizz on the back of her shirt and I could see the dark stain where she wiped and I came. Definitely a nice warm up until my upcoming festivals in a few weeks.

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