From humping a nurse, to two blondes, and another married lady

just yesterday around 17 hours as usual no underwear just my sweat pants, there were long queues and in no time i spotted this nurse with a big ass putting in a chitenge but you can spot her uniform from the top putting on a blue jersey and white shoes off course looked on her fingers, married off course, with the ring, and in no time i was on her ass, this was the game of my week, cause of course she she knew i was humping her very hard, from the way she was moving and positioning her ass, and i really like those moves, she would move from one end to the other with my dick fully erect and to the max, having taken some sip of this penis hardener called POWER, some 20 minutes ago, my penis was hungry looking for someone to chew, and this was the lucky nice, we were having sex with our clothes on i swear, she would turn a bit look at me and i look straight into her eyes, again position her dip ass in line my long hard dick and i dig deep in her and a did her for a good 30 minutes not until were at about to take the next bus and off course that wasn't my route i was just there for humping purposes. This nurse was game indeed and i"LL go look and wait for her next time cause i know the route as i guess from now on she would be looking for my hungry penis, as i could tell she wasn't happy having groped her for only 30 minutes and i guess she now knows there are gropers. I really enjoyed her ass, next time I'll ask which hospital she works from, i was wet.

Now the nurse has gone, went looking for other targets from another lines for about 10 minutes, already wet from the nurse's ass, i spotted the two beautiful blondes one short in her very thin black spotted dress and another in a light blue skirt and a short coat speaking the same language, guess there were sisters or friends i don't know and i said, ill hump them both, and now the lines are thick, no busses to be seen and in no time the short one came and stood in front of me leaving space for a tall blonde in no time i was on her like a magnet, i groped her for about 10 minutes whilst chatting with the friend or sister in their language, she felt the full made of my penis cause i was straight on her ass. Now the lines moved a bit and by mistake or by lucky, the tall blonde, who was not standing straight in a queue was told by the friend to stand in the queue and she found herself in front of me and she was on my fully erect penis, this one had a very deep ass and my penis was deep in her felt her for some good 20 minutes and now these two ladies are not chatting, they are mute, could see, the short blonde angrily looking at me probably needing some more and said no problem, so I moved a bit left from the line as to be also on the short blondes ass, since these were together, i would hump her for like 5 minutes and i could see her again chatting with the friend, the tall blonde now also wants some more and i both of them more, for as long as it is hard and strong I'll teach them a lesson, so now this time around i stand light in from of the two at once, positioning my cock at 9 o'clock humping half ass of a short blonde and half ass of a tall blonde humping the two of them at once and now i could feel them fighting for my dick. I hammered them both not until i wet and wet. And i again ended up humping another married lady. Long story. I'll send an mp4 of a groped nurse

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