I got this beautiful Spanish woman this morning. mmm she took it so well, had an amazing ass. The moment I got on her, she interestingly bent over to maintain conversation with who I believe was her mother sitting down (the woman I’m on looked early 20s). All in all never acknowledging that sat her right in my lap. At this point I was still only running up on her left cheek.

After awhile I thought enough was enough and I’d into her warm crack, oh my god. Every time people came past us she would push back into me with no care in the world, forcing me deeper, I was lost. I then started just taking that ass as mine and I mounted mysel on her, this was the only time she looked left at me in the corner of her eye - but all she did was stick it out more! I felt her switch the weight of her ass cheek to the left. As I got fully onto her I felt her back on my chest, and her cheeks firmly gripping my dickhead, I was throbbing and all she ever did when I was was move around my lap by shifting the weight of her Spanish booty. I was so into this woman, and she definitely knew. At one point, as I was throbbing, she forcefully moved her ass up and down and zi felt her crack literally stroke my cock.

Man oh man. I wish we were at an event, I would’ve left such a mess on my Spanish Queen.

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