Random Frot (WARNING: she may be 29 years old)

Hello, I haven't actively chikaned anyone since I've been going out with current GF. I'm back in NYC and with all the police it looks dangerous anyway. Anyway, today I was on my way to work, and I entered a train while the doors were closing, and maybe subconsciously placed myself next to a very pretty blond girl in an business suit. She smelled so pleasant, I kept thinking. But since I've quit, I wasn't making any moves. As the train got the next stop, some people shoved us aside, and more people pushed as they boarded. Soon, we were next to each other and she starts talking to me. She says how its so crazy and packed. I just mumbled something back, when I felt something touch me. She had a bag over her shoulder between us so we wouldn't touch. But instead, her hand was over it and pressing my pubic bone. She was talking about work or something I tried my best to hold a decent conversation. But at some point i had to close my eyes when she started pressing the base of my now erect shaft with the knuckle side of her hands. She was pulsing it, it felt so amazing. The train suddenly stopped as it always does for some reason or other between stations. I opened my eyes, and another guy, a chikaan I had seen in action before, was staring right at my face. He sensed something was going on. Shortly afterwards, the train resumed and reached the next station, my stop.

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