Interesting experience

These days I only detail unusual experiences and man this is no exception.

Got onto a form of transit with this white woman with a DONKEY, milf kinda age right in front of me, in these beautifully thin white leggings.

In my joggers I sit my boner on her, and I ease in a little. Jesus, what took me by surprise was the way she slammed her crack right on my cock, it made me slide all the way in and her phat wide cheeks were squarely deep in my lap all over my thighs, and I just felt the warmth of her crack wrapped tightly around my cock. Ugh, man, I actually let out a low loan. She just slammed that booty on me, and actually stepped backwards into me.

Now I’m throbbing all over the place to no reaction by her. Every time the train jostled her slightly off my lap she would slam it hard back deep into my lap. She was fucking me, honestly. I started making my dick pulsate on her and when I did she looked slightly to her left, and I felt like she was looking at me out the corner of her, but she did nothing. I then started to move on her even tighter as I was really turned on at this point. We were so on one another, man, my dick was so deep up that phat booty.

If we was at a concert festival or premiere the way I would’ve blew my load all over that ass, man.

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