Warped tour

Re: Warped tour tips

Leggings lover, my experience with warped are. During the day it’s better to just grope because it is so difficult to stand behind one target to full on chikan. That being said, it is not impossible to fully chikaning a girl whilst in the middle of a mosh pit. In my experience, I have been to busy making sure I don’t get caught and also worrying about no getting knocked out by moshers and crowd surfers to get fully erect and cum on a girl during the early period. However, the early periods are prime times for underskirt gropes, leggings cameltoe gropes, breast groping, bare dick on thighs/exposed buttcheek grope and the ever exciting finger down the back of the pants/shorts panty/buttcrack grope. . But chikaning can be done during the early set times, if you are experienced enough. I was there at one point but I have lost it. Practice makes perfect. I have done it but not until my second year of warped tour. Maybe even the third. My memory fades a little.
Later in the day, like after 4 pm, people will still be moshing and surfing but with less energy. That’s prime time for chikanibg(personally speaking). My other advice would be, know your band. Reasearch on you tube. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a crowd with a lame band that is just easy listening and the girls don’t get wild about. Also drink a lot of water and if your body feels like taking a break, then take a break. Happy frotting.

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