Married lady who loves being Chikaned

It's been a while & today just want to share about this true story of this married woman who likes being chikaned every day in a queue. This is true story.

I first groped this lady like two months ago in a line with her husband standing beside her. I was like every day wearing my thin sweat pants with no underwear at all, and on this particular day there were queues, it was month end and as usual she always puts on long skirts. On that particular day I groped her like for one hour whilst she was chatting with her husband by the side. At first I was a bit scared not knowing that she is the game. Next time I saw her she was being groped by this fellow chikan who likes dick out. This guy has surprised always puts on a jeans unzips it with a long shirt and dick out hides it between the buttons and on his left hand holding a small bag.

And this particular day he was busy humping this lady with the husband standing by her side in a queue around 18hrs coz usually that is when there are heavy queues at this bus station. I usually talk to this guy as we always meet at groping venues. This lady was groped till she got on the bus. Now this time around she comes without the husband and just recently o nutted her again whilst chatting with her and she always goes home when she knows that there are queues. And just last week, I nutted her twice.

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