This is just a quick comment on my favorite subject: Bare Dick on Bare skin at festivals, etc. I’ve been recently reading about how there’s a growing push to stop what we do at these festivals/concerts. I understand some of what they’re attempting. I get it. But I’m just saying: some of these targets DO like what we do, and they do Parton it, to the point of “no return”! I’m saying this: there is very little chance of me getting caught the way I’ve conditioned my practice. I’d have to really be screwing up to get caught in the packed crowds that I do my dirt in. I have so many safeguards set in motion when I go out on the hunt now. To the newbies: what we (Black Shogun, Red Dragon) Do has taken years, decades, to perfect. So don’t go out thinking it’s so super easy. For us it may be, but it still takes some planning and gut-instinct. There’s a song titled “Somebody’s Watching You” which is and always will be true. Just make sure you watch those that you can see around you and know when it’s a no-go.

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