Easy Rider/Black Shogun/Guestz

Hey guys, its been a while. Some of you might remember me, I posted a few of my experiences a couple years back. I've been of out of the chikan game for sometime, I guess I demoted myself to "opportunistic groper/chikan" but it's been a long time since i've left my house specifically for the purpose of rubbing my cock on some asses.

HOWEVER I feel the time has come for Leo to once again unleash the inner beast LOL. I'm currently based in Orange County California which has some great beach communities filled with hot ripe Blond chicks and i'm not too far from the LA area.

I wanted to reach out to the veterans like Easy Rider, Black Shogun, Guestz etc. to help a novice chikan out with some good spots in the LA/OC area to do some groping/chikan. I was at the OC Observatory, a small concert venue here in the OC about a week ago and was able to do some groping but not too much as I was with friends. I'll definitely be making some return visits by myself in the near future though.

If you vets could recommend a few spots, preferably concert venues, small shops in the Hollywood/VB/LA area that are known to attract tourists etc. it would be much appreciated

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