Re: Easy Rider/ World Cup

We’re all different with different nuances to our “game”, how we execute theme, what targets we choose, so on and so on. With me, I’ve been ah-humpin and ah-cumin for most of my life. I love screwing, but going out on the hunt is as different as enjoying good food vs. a good playoff game. Two totally different things, but both bringing me great pleasure. Although I’ve not been all over the country practicing chikan, I’ve been to enough NBA/NFL/NBL/NHL celebrations and parades. Disney Land, Disney World, Six Flaggs parks, malls, airports during summer/Christmas, Venice Beach, the Las Vegas Strip, etc... As far as looking towards 2026? Hell, it drives me crazy with the thought of next month! I get too worked up over future events in the near to look any further! It would actually depress me thinking about an event 8 years away. And retirement? I don’t want to think of that either.

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