Re: World Cup 2026 - Retirement?

Ya know, Black Shogun, I'm indeed looking ahead. 2026 will be a milestone year for me age wise. I'm thinking that'll be a good time to call it a wrap with regard to ridin'.

I consider myself fortunate that I look a good number of years younger than my actual age. But we all must entertain reality, and I do wonder how much longer can I get away with what I do now (Which, admittedly, is a fraction of my previous level of activity).

At some point I will reach that "tipping point" whereby I won't even be able to disguise my age. I'll then be that proverbial, 'old man wearing the long windbreaker' type - the caricature of the perverted old man lurking in the shadows, or standing just out of sight behind someone. I don't necessarily want to be that guy.

For me, another factor is that I've done practically every big public event that could draw a crowd. Be it Mardi Gras in New Orleans (chikans - do yourself a favor, do Mardi Gras once!), Caribana in Toronto, Coachella, Miami Carnaval, Super Bowl, NBA Championship parades, The Oscars, The Emmys, The Grammys, The get the idea. Even the events I've listed above represent just a fraction of the total events I've attended. With the exception of getting down to Brazil for Carnaval, or getting over to a couple of places in Europe to do something there, there's little in terms of new experiences in store for this rider.

I've travelled from coast-to-coast, in search of the best events and the best asses to ride. I've had a pretty damn good run - but it's time to think about the inevitable. There perhaps also will be physiological reasons for hangin' it up (might not be able to get it up - lol!).

I figure World Cup & related events qualify as one of those once-in-a-lifetime, can't miss spectacles. And with it, I can go out - hopefully - with a bang (or several bangs!)

As currently planned, 60 of the 80 games will be held in the U.S. As I foresee things, I can do a 'retirement tour' (ala Dr. J or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) - visit World Cup host cities and get the best "offerings" possible in each of those host cities. The carnal road trip of someone bidding farewell to youth.

And as I bid farewell to youth, I'd bid farewell to the game.

2026 ain't really all that far off. Here's hoping for good health and continued virility until I reach that finish line.

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