Fuzy (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

Here is a story chronicling my experiences with a teen named Fuzy (of course not her real name)

Fuzy was an interesting character. Strongly opinionated, political, very self-centered,usually hid behind a screen never able to actually hold a good argument in person.
These 3 stories of Fuzy takes place during finals Freshman year, after senior prom, then after a graduation party, when Fabby left my dick to be desired. The reason I didn't bring it up last post was because I was focused on only Fabby.

A week and a half of nothing sexual made me beyond horny. I see any busty or phat teen my dick fucking reaches to the sky. I desperately wanted to grope, all I've been reading were high school grope stories on this site at the time, mainly the lunch line one, which gave me the idea to hump on my school's lunch line.
I was walking towards the line and I saw her. In those tights you see in the picture and knew I found my girl. I whipped out my phone and took pictures of legs and ass. I found them gratifying. In person her ass was more jiggly and tight.
My dick was just getting hard thinking of putting my love stick deep in her ass crack. Pulsing in my pants. I follow Ruzy to the busiest, crowdiest, unorganized line. I get behind her and immediately get into business. We're both packed like sardines. Everyone are sophomores and below, and we have the largest freshman class so these lines weren't meant for so many people. I take one more look at her body, God get ass cheeks were shapely, meant for a hand to hold on to! Her legs really turned me on too. If she had more meat I think she would be even more sexy. I let the back of my right hand rest on her right cheek, I pushed for pressure. No response. I dragged my hand across her ass. She turns her head a little but that's it.
My sweaty left palm slowly found it's way on her left cheek. So toned and shapely. Soft like pillows, yet firm, I look down to look at my act, just beautiful. This time she turns to look at my face. Sort of irritated, "what the fuck?" Her eyes expressed as I calmly squeezed her left cheek, my left palm devoured her left ass cheek, she turned as soon as I squeezed, then I moved into her crack, so warm, then my right palm joined in the fun; if you're wondering if I look suspicious, it's difficult to tell, I was positioned right behind her and I had my arms close to my sides while my arms bent on the bottom half to feel her ass. A few minutes pass and she still isn't doing anything, I leave my right hand on her crack. My fingers find their way on her pussy and THEN she shakes and moves her body to push my arms out of the way. Well it worked. I was ready for the next step. I unzipped my pants, took out my bulging naked on fire dick and placed it on her right cheek. My sick slowly enters, being engulfed by her soft meat. I look down and see my dick already oozing, my whole head is already in her. Her cheek is warm. Providing no resistance I have impaled her ass. I can see her cheek stretching to accodomate me. I go to her ass crack. I push even further, she shakes, it only provides pleasure for my dick, half of my sick is drowning in pleasure, so fucking warm and sweet. I start to move my hips gently to provide a moving sensation. Feels even better, soft friction on my sepang tail. I start painting with enjoyment and pleasure. I close my eyes to enjoy this moment and think "Oh fuck. Highschool humper did the same thing and his lady was looking at him when opened his eyes." I open my eyes quick and alas! She wasn't looking at me. A few seconds after that relief she speedily turns around and looks down at my sick gaining pleasure from her ass. Her eyes widened and she looked at my eyes with anger. She turned around and marched pushing people. She got off my sick and I quickly put it away. "Fuck! No nut!" My sexual frustrations only arose after that event I only wanted more. Which led to me losing my virginity to Fabby pn the last story I wrote.
After that event she started telling her friends that some dude with (insertmyphysicalfeaturesboyo) touched her ass. I saw this from afar. I just knew from her expressions. I mainly hanged out with Fabby so I didn't know or saw any of her friends. After that I wore a hat and grew slowly to the point that when I met Fuzy again she didnt recognize me.
Which brings me to

After prom! So I actually skipped the dance and went straight to my old friend 's after party. This is more than 3 years after that event so other things were going on. I went to the party. Fucking huuge. Probably around a 100 people or more. Everyone was invited. Even this nerdy looking guy who always looked alone was dancing on a babe haha. I got multiple multiple drinks. Chatted. Danced to myself, I was actually having a lot of fun, people were cheering me on because I guess I was a good dancer haha. Then someone joined me to dance. Guess who it was?
Fucking Fuzy! I was shell shocked. I looked at her surprisingly while we danced. I said hi and she told me she never saw me around and if I went to (insertmyschoolboyo) and she was surprised. I mean I've been jerking to this girl around sophmore year on her social media so this was a God send. "Thank you almighty Jesus" I jokingly told myself. We continued to dance and drink more and more. She was wearing this beautiful skirt. I don't think she went to prom either. She danced on me too
Putting her ass on my groin, just ducking working it. Felt great. She got pretty drunk though. Almost uncomprehensibly. I groped the shit outta ber. Felt her legs, squeezing her ass cheeks like no tommorow, humping her. It was enjoyable. Really fun. I began fingering her though. She got REALLY turned on. She started touching my crotch over my pants. I got pretty drunk too so we're just in the corner making out and touching everything we can. I felt her breasts too, I put my hand under her shirt and unwrapped her bra and just went at it. I really groped her tits. I was really rough about it. My drunk ass got really really horny and got an idea. I told her to wait and she sat down. I went to my friend who was hosting the party of I can use a room. And he said yeah and congratulated me on getting laid haha. He said "The guest room at the end of the hall upstairs" I came back to where Fuzy was. The close I got the more I began to realize she's actually pretty sexy and has a very beautiful body. I'm starting to get memories from Fabby, the same horniness and want for sex. I got Fuzy's hand and took her upstairs. She had to pass though and she was pretty fucked so I basically had to watch her pee haha. I kinda wanted to put my Dickinson in her mouth but I decided to go straight for her pussy. I didn't want to duck a piss stained pussy so I made sure she cleaned up.
Now we made our way to the room. She falls on the bed. She manages to undress her self. I undressed myself and expressed "Fuck! I don't have a condom" and you bet your ass I don't want any kids. She told me she was actually infertile. But in a drunk manner. Basically she can't have kids. I took her word for it and missionary style I ready my trusty cock, and inserted, so fucking warm and wet. I hadn't had sex in a long time so this was amazing for me. I started banging her harder and harder. It took about 20 minutes for my first climax. She was just moaning so loudly I'm pretty sure people taking a piss in the bathroom can hear us across the fucking hall. Later on someone told me "There were people fucking upstairs for like 2 goddamm hours. Shit can be heard downstairs! The banging of the bed and moans" i thought it was funny. I continued to go doggy style and basically went lightning speed, plus my hips are really good so i can thrust like a champion. We made out too, like most people do. After my 5th climax and her tired body, we fell asleep in the room. I woke up to a banging on the door. "Hey (insertmynameol'boyo) I need to clean up! Get your ass here and help!" And I just left Fuzy in the room. I didnt realize but our cum was just on the bedsheets and on her. Fucking everywhere. I ended up cleaning the whole room. I had to dress Fuzy while passed out. After a few hours she woke up with a hangover. She had to call her mom who was pretty pissed. She said she just stayed at a friends house. Her mom ended up picking her up. I lived walking distance so I was pretty good. She sort of talked to me.
We exchanged phone numbers but she would rarely reply which got me irritated. Like we fuck and thats it? I shouldn't be the one getting insecure about it.
We didnt see each other at school much.
Graduation was approaching and I asked her if she will be attending the party. She said "yes" but with her boyfriend. What a bitch! She has a bf! She cheated on him too. He's in college too.

Graduation party BAAABYYYY
So my friend is hosting it again. I've known him since kinder. Plus he knows a lot of people so everyone usually comes. I think people from neighboring schools came too. Packed like goddamm sardines. I was hoping to meet someone new but I saw Fuzy and felt pretty fucking lame. I saw her dancing with her bf and I just really wanted to grope her ass. She was already fucked so I drank to work up the charisma to slide by and grope her. Which I ended up doing. Got pretty hammered but I can handle alcohol really well. I built a huge tolerence for Jack Daniel's. Vodka still fucks me up though. So Fuzy is hoping and jumping around as she dances on her bf. I slide by and position my boner right behind her. She still hasn't noticed me and my boner weirdly enough. Felt pretty good. I proceeded to palm her ass with both hands as she danced. Her bf drunk too but not as much. He didnt notice what I was doing to his woman. I caressed her cheeks and crack over and over. I placed my boner in her crack while I held both cheeks with my hands. I started to moan but I think her bf grew some brain cells and moved away upstairs so they can make out. Fuck. I was really horny and I wanted Fuzy, just Fuzy. I went upstairs and she's just on the wall next to the bathroom wisitnt for her bf. I come up to her and she looks surprised. I grab her by the hand and lead her to the same room. I lock the door and I quickly unzip my pants and ask her to get on her knees. She just did it. It was consensual but it seems she was so drunk she just did what was infront of. I quickly thrust my cock into her mouth. She just slurps, puts her tounge around my shaft at light speed, twirling, deep throat, like a fucking animal. She was really going at it! I thrusted my sick in her more and more! Deepthroat! French kissing my sick! She wasn't as skilled as Fabby but she was just more crazy! I never had a blowjob like this. Her hair felt so soft as I grabbed her head and slammed it into my cock over and over. Sometimes I just stop and let her do her thing and it still feels amazing! I heard a *BANG* on the door and sure enough it was her bf asking if Fuzy was there. With my cock in his girlfriend's mouth I responded "no just me and my gf! Stop bothering us you dick!" And he apologized and left as his woman was blowing me. We continued then her phone rang and it was him again. She answered it while her right hand was playing with my dick. I wanted her to hurry. She told him her mom picked her up early and forgot to tell him. He said okay and said his goodbyes. She continued to consume my cock after about 7 minutes I felt the sensation, I grabbed her head again and thrusted my dick as far as I could reaching down her through. I blew up as I held her head. I let out a huge moan of orgasmtastic sensations. I let out a big moan. I had 4 Rich sports into her mouth. She swallowed it too
Fuck she must of been a sick sucking veteran. After that I took her to the bed once again and we undressed ourselves. I fucked her HARD. Knowing I'm having sex with a taken woman just made me feel on top and dominate. Her pussy was as wet as before, and somehow even tighter. I would kiss her but, ah, I'd rather not taste my own seamen haha. Since I already talked about slam ducking her before I'll just skip on right ahead wanderers.
We wake up and she looks at me, she was confused at first but after a few minutes she remembered the hardcore sex we had. She sort of smiled but claimed we probably wont see each other anymore and not to tell her bf.
I got what I wanted, I didn't feel insecure anymore, all my anger and irritation just left when I fucked the woman who was making me feel so insecure. I felt on top. So goddamn good. She gets dressed and me too, I open the door and uh. Well. The bathroom is open and I see from across the hall her bf is in there passed out with some chick. But I don't think they fucked. Fuzy saw it and freaked claiming what a fucking asshole and how he's gonna get his ass kicked
But it took a while to see her hypocrisy. I just left. Not sure what she did. I don't keep in contact with Fuzy.

Well that took long to write haha. Hope you weary travellers enjoyed!
I might have one other story in mind that occured in highschool again but after that I'm not sure what else to write about.

If anyone has any questions about Fabby, I don't really see her anymore. We stopped fucking each other junior year when she realized I didn't love her.

Kick ass out there chikans.

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