Re: Black Shogun - Comparing notes

Black Shogun,
I'd consider it collusion if you tell us you've had the golden shower!

Having read your stuff over the years, your experiences with eastern Europeans differs from mine. I think that's in part due to your location. And on that, I'll just say I believe you have a special situation due to where you are which, I believe, is a city in the Western time zone. Could be wrong - that's the sense I get from what you've written over the years.

Anyhow, in terms of tryin' to get that ride, I've found the "white Russians" to be the hardest. In L.A., the resident "white Russians" tend to congregate in Hollywood & West Hollywood. They are more open to other ethnicities but, by-and-large tend to be insular.

OTOH, the tourist "white Russians" are very insular, very aware of personal space & have an acute awareness of "those around them". I'll add that L.A. seems to attract a type of vain-glorious Russian female that, ostensibly, is trying to get "discovered" (i.e. - film, fashion/modelling/gold digging). These tourist types tend to have model quality faces, and bodies thin as rails.

That said, I've had one good experience with a "white Russian". This is a believe-or-not story: met her at a Ciara concert. One of the few predominantly black crowd shows I've been to in recent memory, and I meet a Russian no less!

During the concert she was letting me ride (actually had some good moves with her ass). But, the second the music stopped, she stopped & wouldn't let me lean into her.

After the concert, we hung out a good portion of the night. Damn straight model quality!!! We spent time walking around the downtown area and each & every time we'd approach, then pass some random dude, their eyes would get BIG as saucers when looking at her. Never before had I seen that kind of reaction from so many guys toward one woman. She was exactly like that!

I did have a chance to fuck her when I dropped her off at her hotel. But, ultimately, what I couldn't get beyond was her physique. Again, it was that million dollar face / string bean body. Just wasn't attracted enough to go with her to her room.

Now - having said all that, the "white Russians' black Russian cousins", (the Armeanians) are an entirely different story. The Kardashians are no exception to Armenians & brothas' getting together. There are Armenians by the ton in L.A. & I know a grip of Armenian/Black pairings.

When I go to the EDM concerts, if I can quickly ID an Armenian chick - they do hit up the EDM scene -, that's who I'll line up behind. Get friendly with one, she'll get touchy-feely, going as far as kissing/wanting to kiss. Ass is easy at that point.

Ukrainians of a certain generation are so now Westernized, or wanna-be-Westernized that I've managed a couple of good frots in the past. Had a good experience with a Croatian - girl had a circular ass.

Brazilians - Another believe-it-or-not story: During the premiere of one of those Mission Impossible movies some years back, I bumped into a black Brazilian. The Brazilians are so identifiable - if not for the Portuguese, it's the fact that the Brazilian tourists tend to wear something emblematic of Brazil.

Annyway, it's a summer premiere, big crowd, packed along the barricade on the boulevard. I spot this black Brazilian and line up behind her. Just as I'm making contact, this rock song begins blaring over the speakers. I don't recall, but I guess it was part of the soundtrack.

When the song comes on, the Brazilian chick looks back at me (well, at my crotch on her ass!), then begins doing the "rock girl shimmy" If you look at the 2:13 - 2:22 mark on this video:

....that's pretty damn similar to what she began doing - while on the barricade no less!

So, I'm buried deep in dem cheeks, when Tom Cruise is walking by within reaching distance along opposite side of this barricade. You'll just have to believe me here - he stops right where me and this Brazilian woman are at. He looks at me with this big Cheshire cat grin and asks, "You alright???" LOL, LOL, LOL!!! All I could manage was a, "yeah Tom", when I really wanted to say was, "Hell yeah, Tom! I really f***in great right now!!!"

He looked for a couple seconds longer, same Cheshire cat grin, before he moved on.

Yeah, that's right - busted by Tom Cruise!

If I'm correct about the premiere during which this occurred, I'd bet there's video of it on Youtube.

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