Fabby Part 3 (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

I wanted to apologize for my grammer errors in my last story
Here's more of Fabby. I have stories of other girls in my highschool days in my mind that I might share after this

In Freshman year of high school I basically spent my days with Fabby. The day usually went like this.

We walk to school. Class. Grope if I can. Lunch, grope while she's with her bf (hanged out in same group) mainly her leg and thigh under the table. She never minds me groping her, I'm pretty sure it turns her on too. Class again. School ends and we walk home to her house. We do something or nothing. A lot of the time we just make out and dry hump each other in her bed. Her parents were usually never home so we basically humped like rabbits. She would usually switch into her pjs or tights while I took my pants off and had my boxers on. We'd usually hump missionary style and doggy style. It was great, sometimes I lasted over an hour before I came. Her parents were rarely home and they usually came at night. If they were away at a business venture then I would stay over and sleep with her. We wouldnt have sex, we were afraid she would get pregnant. We would basically hump until we fell asleep. Sometimes I continued after she fell asleep.

That's usually how my days panned out. We were always together. She never did anything sexual with her bf and when he did she would get pissed. She declared I was her bestfriend but it felt more then that. I didn't love her but I think she loved me. It would explain her constant want for me to be there with her. I just wanted her sexually, she turned me on just by looking at her. I think she took it as compassion or expression of love; a lot of teens have weird notions of love. I would get interested in other girls and she would get beyond jealous.

Back to some other stories.
Once I decided to hump her naked. Took my pants and boxers off. As we were humping she got on the phone with her bf, I began pushing my dick harder into her ass, she was being shaken and almost pushed off her bed. I heard her bf say he loves her and she looked at me and just said "yeah" and I exploded into her pjs, crack, and her back. She said "Awh shit dude now I gotta shower. Clean this shit up" I just told her yeah. She went into the shower and I decided to go in too. I said "mind if I join you?" She didnt mind. We made out and I swear to GOD I was close to putting my dick into her pussy. Also this was the first time seeing her naked. So I was poppin' a huge boner, she even realized it and remarked "dont think about it! I'll kick your ass if you try to put it in!" Clearly it would of been forced so I didn't do it. She would move to the side so my dick was pushing against her thighs and leg. I ended up just asking for a handjob. I asked "Can you give me a hand?" With the stupidest smile like I discovered the greatest joke of all time. She laughed really damn hard. It was that bad hahahah.

Speaking of handjobs, we once went to the movies with her bf; it was early super hero films. Around the time of Iron Man and shit. I sat at the end and next to me was her and then her bf. He was holding her right hand while she had the idea of giving me a handjob with her left. Not sure why. But she fucking did it and it was impressive. When her bf looked my way she moved at lightning speed to get her hand off my cock. I ended up climaxing during the climax of the film. Everyone was going crazy in the theatre including her bf, she went quick with the handjob going up and down at lightning speed.

I remember her parents came unexpectedly on one of our humps. I'm going to climax and then I heard the front door open. I came while I ran and got my pants on like my life depended on it. They came into the room while I stood with the most nervous smile. They said "oh, (notgunnasaymynameboyo) Fabby told us all about you nice to meet you" turns out she told them I was gay. It explained a lot of things.

In school she have gave me numerous bjs in the bathroom a few times. She became a master at bjs and handjobs it was uncanny and extraordinary. One of our friends caught us looking over the stool, I swear I fucking blew up in Fabby's mouth. She was in shock by our friend coming out of nowhere that she forgot about my dick. She coughed when my jizz overflowed her mouth and ran to the sink to clean her mouth. Turns out our friend hates her bf so she liked the idea of me and fabby.

I remember during finals we didn't really see each other. She was studying dur to her failing grades. I was naturally good and I did my work on time all the time. She didnt let me in her house for about 2 weeks. I was sexually frustrated; I wasnt use to this. I didnt masterbait as I basically relied on Fabby for my sexual needs. Emotionally I was intense, I felt things more harder, like I watched a movie and I felt more for the characters. I can't really explain the state I was in. When i got horny all i could think about was fucking Fabby. I became insecure. I can just imagine my dick entering her wet, warm, and tight pussy. On the last day of finals I was beyond horny. All I could think about was fucking her. She sat next to me so looking at her legs gave me hard one unimaginable. I grew a dependency on her. When finals ended we started walking home. I remember at the stoplight I just blurted "i want to have sex" she looked at me with shy eyes. Then looked down. We stayed quiet as we walked to her house. Went into her room. Made out. Undressed her. Undressed myself. My cock was unimaginably hard. I needed to release. It's as if my cock had no home anymore. I can feel the warmth and twitching on the tip of my dick. She started to grow a conscious and offered just to give me a bj. I told her I want her and that I love her. That made her quiet. I got on top of her. Two naked young animals went at it that night.

Probably my best sexual experience. Just from my sexual frustrations building up to the point that if I tried I could of probably cane without even touching my dick. After about 20 seconds I came inside. We continued to fuck. She luckily didnt get pregnet. My stupid ass got lucky. Even though at the time I probably would of liked that idea, to put a baby inside her. Like some animal instincts kicking in.

Hope you guys enjoyed these stories of Fabby. I hope they created arousal for you guys. After all I believe this board is meant to share our life experiences to make someone's day sexually or just to entertain them really.

Believe it or not I've been on this board for years. I actually started reading this board in middle school so a lot of the groping ideas to Fabby came from here.
My favorite were Mr. Teengroper, High school Humper (they groped girls my age so I really related at the time), a lot of milf and teen related stories.

Hope you enjoyed weary travellers!

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