Fabby Pics

Here's Fabby in my favorite favorite dress. I use to get a hard om whenever I saw her wear this! I would position myself back during group pr projects and when walking home and stick my boner in her ass she would just laugh. Once I said duck it and unzipped my pants and let my naked div jk feel her sweet warmth. Ky sick was just twitching like crazy! She as joked if I too my dick out and I said nothing. I just continued to walk into her ass and moan bit by bit. She looked a bit irritated though. When we got to a stop light I pushed my groin into her ass even more! I felt her ass cheeks consuming my dick! I couldn't hold it in and came like crazy on her ass. She felt it and got pissed and called me vulgar words. I gave her my sweather to cover it. She cooled off later on telling me I could of just waited until we got to her house.

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