Fabby (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

Hellow fellow chikans!
I've been around for a few years and wanted to share a few pictures of a sexy teen I grope at school. For privacy reasons I'm gonna call her Fabby.

So basically my friendship with Fabby goes back to middle school, she was a very out going person, she is the reason I started chikaning. We were beginning to go out around 7th grade, we use to make out and do normal lovey dovey stuff until she showed me a dance.
Me being the oblivious man didn't know what this weird dance was. This dance was called "Twerking". One day after school we went to the back of the school where no one can see us and she started twerking on me. She didnt really have a phat ass or anything, just a normal pre-teen ass really but she really went at it. I didn't know what she was doing at first. She just told me to stay still and that she's going to show me something really cool.
Fabby pushes me to a wall, bends down and puts her sweet ass on me and starts going up and down. I wasnt erect yet. I just had this weird weird face. I guess she noticed that i wasnt hard (she frequently went to concerts so I'm guess she had experience) and pushed her ass even harder on my groin. I just had this face of euphoria like exploring my unknown sexual desires. Soon my dick started to get hard under my shorts. Becoming fully erect I started to feel the full motion and swing of her ass crack as my dick basically found its home there. I ended up holding her hips as she went even faster and rougher, like she was trying to make me cum. I can feel the warmth of her small crack. I remember looking down at the sight of her, sort of like doggy style, as I held her hips I can see her head going up as her hair moves everywhere on her back, as she wore her tight pants, so tight and soft against my dick, bending her legs at crazy speed as she bent her ass towards the sky when she springs her legs up, I felt it;the raging pulse on the tip of my dick, as her ass engulfed my dick I exploded. I don't think she felt my cum sleeping through my.pants to her ass as she went for 20 minutes straight! I came a good 4-5 times. That last nut took so long too. After we were done I looked down at my pants and saw the stains on my crotch area, so damn noticable, I decided to put my sweather on my hips to cover my stains. I also noticed Fabby had some of my cum stains too. She just laughed and told me there's more to come. Let's just say she regularly used her mouth too sometimes.

Such nostalgia says. I still see her around. Freshman year of high school I'd grope her ass as much as I could even though she had another boyfriend at the time we had some kind of bond no one can break, it was an emotional and sexual bond. She still gave me handjobs and bjs during these times.

Here are pictures of her. Full blown tabby pictures for your pleasure! Most of these pics are from our junior year in high school.

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