Easy, German girls are cool, but I prefer Czechs, Poles, Ukrainians, and THE RUSSIANS. Is that "collusion" LOL! The last two are particularly good for anal I've found haha.

But NOBODY beats the Brazilian girls for butt sex! Or any other kind of sex for that matter. NOBODY! And what's great about Brazil is that they come in all shades if you know what I mean.

From German descent blue-eyed blonde "brancas" (white girls) to African descent negras (black girls). And all types in between like the caramel complected "morenas". Plus lots of Asians of Japanese descent in Sampa (Sao Paulo).

So something for everybody. Know you like the Europeans, but try a Brazilian white girl and get some mind-blowing sex! Trust me on this. You gotta believe that shit! Cause I ain't lyin'! Brazilian girls are number one!

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