Events to cum

Next month and near the end of this year are gonna look great in terms of chikaning. Recently got my tickets to Warped Tour, and maybe next paycheck I'll buy tickets for a festival the day after too. Then near the end of the year I have 2 cosplay conventions to go to, which will be great for getting tons of upskirts of the girls in their super revealing costumes. Some of those booths get really crowded, especially when a famous artist/actor is on stage and everyone is cramped together trying to record them or get an autograph.

Last year was my first attempt groping at a cosplay convention and it went a lot better than I thought. Desire came over me and I was even able to grope a couple of girls successfully. Even when I'm not groping I enjoy getting candids/upskirts. Summer is great since the waterparks are open and with a waterproof camera it's great.

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