Easy Rider: Dreams of Deutschland!

Shakira recently completed the German leg of her world tour. I captured the embedded screengrab from Facebook. How I wished I could've been at that show to bury myself in some German frau budensteigel! (LOL!!)

This time of year is my favorite here on the west coast of the U.S. The European tourists are here en masse, hitting all of the usual spots. Easy Rider frequents these same spots and i absolutely lust at some of the stuff I see.

Of all the European nationalities, the Germans are my favorite. Now, I'm not saying that they're the most friendly, the most outgoing, or most beautiful. I think women from other European nations - (Swedes for looks; Norwegians, though somewhat reserved, warm up quite well after engaging in conversation) - take the top spot for each characteristic.

I recall waaay back in the day, VB was my grounds of choice. I was so young, hot, & bothered, I literally couldn't miss a weekend - particularly during summer. It was a veritable cornucopia of tanned, short wearing / summer dress / bike short (remember those?) wearing women / . It was in this area that I had my first widespread exposure to European women.

After having observed them over a period of some time, it was apparent that these women possessed a different attitude or vibe. Perhaps it was merely a case of being on vacation - and away from home - and, thus, putting on fewer airs than American women. Afterall, vacation is about having fun, right?

Now I don't recall exactly what, for me, made a German woman so attractive. In language arts, some people romanticize fondly of the Irish brogue. The idea of German inflected English doesn't inspire notions of romance when spoken. Somehow though it resonates to my ears.

My experiences are definitely colored by personal bias. For me, I've clearly had more "success" with German women than any of the other European nationalities.

First random pickup from VB? A German girl. I was working as a driver at the time. On this particular day, I was between trips and had driven to VB in a company vehicle. This occasion the vehicle happened to be a bus! So, when things were right with her, I took her back to the bus and banged a short distance away.

First time I observed a random grab of dick? Yes, another German girl. This board has a well known guy named Carlos from Venezuela. We had a Carlos who hailed from Argentina. One day, this guy boldly plant himself behind a slightly under the influence German chick. After a few minutes, she proclaims loudly, "This is no time for focking, it's time for fun." The girl knew what Carlos was up to.

No matter, Carlos continued to converse with the girl 'til she relaxed a bit. During that time, he was guiding her hand slowly down to his groin. Eventually, contact was made & jackpot hit.

The once I acted as both groper and stalker - I used to run between shows at VB. This allowed me to not only get to a show before most other riders, it allowed to occasionally get good repeat action. This day, I followed a young woman (and her mom!!!) to four different spots spanning a mile of walk.

She was wearing thee tightest bike shorts - so tight it appeared that she could take a damn bottle! That got me so heated! It was the third spot that I stood behind her and boldly (no cover) grabbed her at the top of her right thigh and squeezed. The young woman was so shocked she actually faintly smiled back at me. Her mother had witnessed this as well and was speechless. It was that fourth - and last - spot that she finally summoned her courage to say, "fock you!" I left her alone from that point.

However, I'd have to say that the best ridin' situation I had with a frau was at the Oscars'. At one time the general public was allowed to watch Oscar arrivals from a short distance away to the entrance of the red carpet. This guaranteed massive crowds starting early in the morning.

This particular Oscar morning I was working with a fellow rider. He knew well my preference for anything European. I had positioned myself near the security fence hoping to snag something there when I heard the magic "Europe" from the fellow rider. I had to leave my spot to get to a pair of obvious friends who had just arrived at the scene.

I walked past them so that I could use a certain prop which, in turn. allowed me to feign a certain action. Once I was done, this allowed me to reposition myself behind these two. One was short, blonde. Kinda heavy, but had a nice high ass. My quarry - a tall brunette, wearing an evening dress & heels. Apparently she was of mistaken belief that she (they) could perhaps go onto the red carpet.

As I settled in on her nice ass, there was beat music blaring from somewhere nearby. Being a youngster - early/mid 20s - the beat appealed in such a way that she was moving her left flank in a bouncy up-down motion. This caused me to build up quickly.

When she felt me, she elbowed her friend to summon her. But, in doing so, she elbowed her in the head! Lol, Lol!!! The friend grabbed her head, while my filly asked her, "What happened?!?!?". Since she had spoken English, I actually responded to her that she'd hit her friend in the head. This resulted in a cooing "Oooohhhh" and a hug of reconciliation between the friends. But while they were hugging, I overheard my girl say, "....this guy!", accompanied shortly thereafter with a knowing smirk between them.

That was what I needed....a small opening of levity that helped initiate conversation. She was from 'Shermany', 'Frankfort'. By this time, another rider had eased up behind her friend. I was somewhat concerned this new rider would ruin the party. He was quite a bit older and, from what I'd recalled about him, not particularly friendly. The short friend took matters into her....well, with her ass. When dude was behind her, she noticed, then pretended act as if trying to peer well into the surrounding crowd. What she really was doing was using action as a ploy to hike her ass deep into his crotch. Then, she began to slowly disappear into the surrounding crowd with the fellow rider figuratively in tow.

Meanwhile, my frau smiled at this. She voiced mock concern in calling out for her..."Marie? Marie?" A single "ya" in response indicated all was good. And all was good with my situation. by this time, that background music had stopped. The tall, brunette proceeded to hum her own rhythm which she used to pump that left flank even harder. I had swerved well into her by now!

At one point, I slightly changed my position so that I broke contact. She merely looked behind her, then too repositioned herself so that her weight was resting on her left leg. This meant the right hip & cheek (right flank) were now resting into me. The looky-loo guy to my right (who, BTW, had come with his wife) was a little to preoccupied with this spectacle. So engrossed was he that he let his wife move well forward of where we were standing. Yet, I didn't care & she didn't care. We were both locked in.

I'll spare some details as the day got lengthy. Just before the arrivals began, the crowd surged forward to another portion of the security fencing. This allowed me to pin her against that fence. She didn't wasn't bothered by the commotion and didn't attempt to move away. Later, I battled other riders that had been observing my lengthy ride.

Needless to say I got that release - twice! She didn't really move her ass on me that much. But, I managed to keep the conversation going on enough at times just enough to distract her. During those moments, I'd hump her, albeit subtly as anything former or more rhythmic would've drawn attention. She definitely knew waht was up and was sooo accommodating!

Just before the last of the arrivals hit the carpet, I discovered there was actually a third friend nearby. She'd been standing no more than 10 feet away from my spot. I had occasionally spied her throughout the day.

Yes, she had attracted an all-day rider as well!

There have been plenty of other rides with German woman since that memorable time. I'm not suggesting that German women are easy - it's just that I have an affinity for them that's worked for me over the years.

With todays news that World Cup 2026 was awarded to the North American consortium, you can be sure that this rider casts his thoughts well forward to the day that World Cup once again graces Los Angeles. World Cup in LA??? Paradise, fellow riders. Absolute paradise!!!

I hope I'll be around to welcome new European friends. Here's to good health!!

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