June and December

I love to rub my erection on the shoulders and backsides of willing schoolgirls. They are in the springtime of life while I am in autumn. I think most men my age, if they are honest, would admit that they would like to have relations with such damsels.

Yesterday, after four women told me no, I was permitted to press my private parts into the shoulder of girl who studies at the island's top high school. It is almost 300 hundred years old, and it produces the majority of the country's leading citizens. She was slender, about six feet tall and dusky, with a long narrow face and a pointed chin. She was traveling with her grandmother, who was sitting a few seats behind her.

I ejaculated as a result of my activity and drained myself against her before dismounting. This happened on a bus route that rarely lets me down when I am looking for a woman who wants to be humped.

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