An Old Man in Heaven Again

As I approached the end of my girl chase last Friday afternoon, I was waitng for a certain bus at a bus stop about five minutes away from the station. My plan was to take the vehicle to the station, and then remain on it as it collected outbound passengersas and turned around, so that I would be free to position myself beside whichever arm humping target caught my fancy. It was better to get on the bus before it reached the station, because there all the incoming buses were surrounded by a large crowd of passengers, and when I finally boarded one, it would be already full and I would be unable to position myself as I wished.

After about 10 minutes, the bus I was waiting on came along and I boarded it. Once it reached the station, when the old passengers got off and the new travelers got on, I was able to position myself beside a seated schoolgirl who let me have ny way with her.

Before her, I had faced only one rejection, from a dusky young woman with bare arms on the bus I took from home into town. At the station in town, I had waited for quite a while before choosing a minibus that was going to a certain destination in the east of the island. With this vehicle, I encountered the problem mentioned above. Many people were waiting for it, and when I finally got on, it was full, so I could not choose where I would stand, and I found nyself at the front of the vehicle with no opportunities. I soon got off this bus, crossed the road, and waited at the stop for the bus, mentioned at the beginning of the story, that was going back to the station.

The schoolgirl who gave herself to me was about 17 years old, short, light-skinned buxom and brown haired. She was a student at one of the oldest and most prestigious high schools in the island. Her school uniform consisted of a grey skirt, a white blouse made of a light material, and a tie with navy blue and gold stripes.

As soon as she sat down in front of me, I connected myself to her plump left shoulder. She felt my erection prodding her upper arm for a long time and did nothing about it, besides looking at my member once or twice. Having assured myself that she was willing, I started to hump her arm in earnest, and it was not long before I reached an intense orgasm. It was my third climax by frotteurism for the week. On Monday, I had rubbed nyself on the backside of another schoolgirl, and on Wednesday, i did the same thing to a nurse in uniform. I got off the bus soon after my ejaculation, then made my way back home.

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