Bitch Hunt

Towards the end of my bitch-hunt yesterday morning, I found myself at a certain bus stop, about ten minutes out of town, wating for a bus that I knew was going to be full of school children. They would be going to either one of four high schools in the north of the island. I was hoping to be able to rub myself against the backside of some schoolgirl standing near the front of the vehicle.

After a short wait, the bus arrived and I got on it. There were many students in it, but it was not quite as full as I expected, and there were no opportunities where I was standing near the front of the vehicle. After a while I decided to move towards the middle of the bus, and it was there that I found the schoolgirl who would tell me yes.

Before I came across the damsel who would yield to me, I had been told no by three young women sitting on the two buses I had taken earlier. The first of these females was long-limbed, and had a light-brown skin colour. The second was also long of limb, but was a little darker, with bare arms and cleavage on display. The third was a dark schoolgirl who was younger and less attractive than the student who accepted me, so it was a good thing that she said no. Fortunately, all three of these damsels gave me their negative response immediately, without playing any games, and, I, like a gentleman, backed off as soon as they made their decisions.

The girl who laid down the treasures of her body for me was about 16 years old. She was pleasntly plump, dark-skinned and had an oval face. Her school uniform included a bright peach, knee length skirt, and a short-sleeved, white cotton blouse. She was sitting near the middle of the bus. To get at her, I had to displace a little schoolboy who was standing by her side. Having accomplished this, I started to introduce myself by connecting my arousal to her left shoulder. Getting no response from her, I advanced to the next stage, which saw me pressing my erection rhythmically into her plump upper arm. Soon after that i reached a triumphant orgasm. She was my second schoolgirl of the month and my eigth of the year. I love to do schoolgirls. After my climax, I decided to stay on the bus and I took a little tour of the north of the island before returning home.

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