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Hey what's up guestz my fellow Cali rep.. lol man at 1st all I knew was buses and trains around L.A. and other cities (yes I do travel and chikan when I do) and later events,
standing room concerts, packed bars (sometimes),
packed clubs (often),
small popular lounges that get packed on special days, holidays, events and weekends, particular airports who have cross terminal trolleys, those public-street or train station entertainment crowds and once a live concert at a festival for me has been my experiences when it's come to chikaning...oh yea, forgetting the lines at restaurants during lunch hour and long lines leading into popular clubs I also can't forget.
There is actually two very popular strip clubs here outwest that I want to attend on their most popular days because I know they will be crowded allowing me extra chikan opportunities to get my frills on with the big butt sluts who love patronizing these stripclubs as guests but for now I will not mention the names for them until maybe after 'mission accomplished'.

And I'm curious guestz, when you said you couldn't get enough and that you got working hoochies, you meant you picked up hoochies from the blades to chikan them...?
If so I have done that plenty of times in my late teens and early twenties out here in Cali, LMAO... I have multiple girlfriends in several cities/states but some times when I get bored of fucking with the same broads and I hu$tle up a little spare
'fuck around change'
I may look up cheap demanding but decent or above quality big butt slutts for low prices ($25-$30) in the area's local strolls or some times even online since I understandingly get bored of doing the some ole thing with my broads that I already have had plenty of fun with.
I know there's some guys who will say "that's not chikaning" and "you're paying for chikan" but paying for concerts and festivals in the hundreds of dollars sometimes doesn't knock with what $20 to a little over $30 dollars can do when you can chikan a willing obedient freaky slut who will let you frot her asscheeks any way you would like (standing up, laying down, bent over, against the wall, you sitting on the bed or chair while she jirates and bounces that ass on you, and even her grinding on top - ya know multiple positions) it's some times waaaaayyyy funner than public chikaning, but doesn't add up to the blood rush nerving thrill of public chikaning.
But hey... "There's NO PUSSY like new PUSSY" is the infamous qoute I believe 😂 I've actually coined up my own phrase I use in my mind sometimes which is "There's NO Booty to chikan like NEW Booty to CHIKAN".

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