Okay all you chikans, I got to wondering something today while dining out. While sitting in the warm weather at my favorite bar, I couldn’t help but to notice all the shorts-wearing girls sitting and walking around, and I started thinking that I must really have a problem! I can’t hardly stay focused when out in public places this time of year with all the “tail” (rear-ends) and skin-revealing clothing these girls wear in hot climate! Am I the only one with the problem (to this extent)? I mean, I’m getting pretty old, and when I try to calculate how many nice asses and great sets of thighs/legs I’ve not only oogled, but groped, fondled and actually cum on, I can’t even come up with a believable number! It literally is probably into the millions!! I know it’s an astronomical amount. I remember there was a stretch of time back in the 80’s (a period where I decided to not have a steady girlfriend) that I spent a few years honing my skills as a true chikan should, and I was not only visiting spots on the beaches, boardwalks, malls and amusement parks, but I’d also hit the airports, strip clubs and the like. When I didn’t get enough of those spots I would get hoes (working hoes)! Believe me when I tell you, I went through a lot of hours and thighs and asses getting mines. “By any means necessary”! My point is this: when is enough enough? I go out in the spring and it’s like it’s all new and the thighs and asses still amaze me! I can’t stop, and I enjoy just seeing the scenes just as much as I ever did. I realized it today, to my amazement! I love this game!!!

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