Sharing stories

Love this site. I don’t have a recent story to tell but am working on that. I wanted to share a story from my high school chikan days.
I had a target in H.S. that I used to grope every single day. I could not get enough of her skin. She would wear the shortest dress to class and every time I got near her I would touch her. She never said or acknowledged my hands on her so I just kept doing it. After 3 years of this we had become friends so I didn’t do it as much. But in our Senior year we went on a trip to a beach. At the beach there was a cave that we all entered and I once you entered it narrowed as you went up.
It got really tight and dark in the cave, but we kept going up. She had on shorts that were really driving me crazy. Since she was right in front of me I started touching her thighs, knowing she wouldn’t say anything. But then I got the idea: why not pull my hard dick out and rub it on her soft skin? I did it and was in heaven for the very first time in my life! It almost made me pass out it felt so good. I wanted to cum on her but I hadn’t ever done that before and didn’t want to take that chance. But I tell you it started a whole new thing for me at that point. School was out the next month and I never saw her again but she taught me something I never fotgot

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