Warped memories III - katy perry (WARNING: she may be 17 years old)

katy perry played one year at warped tour, before she was huge, obviously not the typical punk band. She didn't play the main stage, but she still brought in a big crowd and it was amazing. packed with little teen sluts who came just to see her but weren't prepared for the warped tour experience. she played kind of punked up electric guitar versions of her songs and the crowd was maybe 50% teen girls.

the crowd wan't as packed or intense as a lot of warped tour, but katy kept encouraging the crowd to move and jump around so it was still really chaotic, with lots of opportunities to for groping and humping. I was like a kid in a candy store moving from one girl to the next. A lot of girls were dressed really skimpy of course, daisy dukes and tanktops is the standard, but there's also girls in thin shorts or leggings, tube tops or bikini tops.

i squeezed so many perfect asses, i love when they're in mini shorts with the bottom half of their ass hanging out. soon my dick was hard, out of my pants and under my tshirt and i just let it rub all over these girls while they hoped up and down stroking my shaft. meanwhile katy is up on stage with her big tits bouncing around encouraging all her little teen followers to jump up and down, which makes molesting them extra hot, knowing that she's egging them on. i'm rock hard and loving it but can't get the kind of contact i need to cum in this crowd. So i'm moving around the crowd giving tons of girls a quick rub but leaving before they get suspicious.

then i spotted a prime target and decided to settle down. she's 16 or 17, medium height with short blonde hair, skinny but with a nice ass and big tits D cup at least and she's dressed in the tiniest skin tight black shorts, half her ass hanging out and a yellow bikini top. She's hopping up and down and i can see her tits and ass shaking with every bounce.

i slowly work my way over and let my boner lightly rest on her ass. Again this crowd was rowdy but not super tight so I had to be much more subtle than in a packed moshpit. but no response from her she's just hopping up and down rubbing on my hard cock. i'm leaking precum at this point with this gorgeous blonde in front of me. occasionally i get in some light palms and brushes of her ass.

her ass feels so soft and cushioning on my dick. the little shorts she's wearing feel like nothing at all, thin stretch material, probably a thong underneath. even through my tshirt i can feel the orgasm building as this little slut hops up and down on my dick. i'd love to take my dick out and cum on her bare skin, but i know the crowd cover won't allow it. Just as i'm getting to the point of cumming she turns to her friend and says something and heads to the back of the crowd.

damn! this little hottie was perfect, even when she turns to walk away I can't help but stare at her big bouncy tits in her bikini top.

still lots of time and a great crowd so i go find another target. I'm getting a lot of good feels again, rubbing my dick on a bunch of different girls, but getting frustrated that I can't get enough contact to cum on any of them. The set is almost over and I'm left with my hard dick and starting to think I should have stuck with the main stage instead of wasting time on katy perry.

Then two things happened: 1, I spotted my little blonde teen in the yellow bikini top back near the front of the stage. 2, Katy perry starts playing "i kissed a girl" and she gets down off the stage into the area right in front of the crowd, and gets right up against the barrier. This causes a huge mob of people trying to get up close to her. There's a crazy scramble and I know this is my big chance. it's chaos all of a sudden and i shove my way over to where blondie is, practically knocking over all the little sluts in my way.

I get on her and it's perfect, the crowd isn't moving that much, but it's super tight and blondie is already hopping up and down. Everyone is reaching out towards katy perry, we're maybe 5 rows back in the crowd. I know i only have 5 minutes max, but i've been building up the whole show and i'm ready to pop. no subtlety required anymore, i'm palming and grabbing her ass cheeks with no restraint. mmm her ass was so soft and jiggly, my dick just sank right in as she worked it up and down with her jumping. i'm plastered on her, rubbing her ass and naked thighs, her skin was so soft. The whole time I'm groping her she doesn't even seem to notice, she's so focused on katy she's just jumping and screaming like she's losing her mind.

i can see her big tits bouncing around and i need to get my hands on them. i jam my right arm around her squished in between her and the girl in front of her and just cup the bottom of her boob. it feels just as soft and bouncy as it looks.

my dicks going from her bare lower back to her soft ass as she hops up and down. I've got one hand on her tit and the other on her bare thigh. this is a gropers paradise i'm sure. 2 minutes in and I can feel my balls tightening as she just keeps hopping up and down, doing all the work. she gives a couple more hops and i explode omg. she's still hopping and i'm just unloading all over her, cum shooting in every direction as her ass bounces my dick around. her bare lower back and her thin little mini shorts are getting plastered in pump after pump of cum. what a feeling!

i look down and i can see her lower back sticky and wet, and a big string of white cum on the top of her black shorts. this is not the time to stick around and admire my work though since i know this crowd will break any minute and i don't wanna be around when she realizes she's covered in cum. i give her tits and ass a last squeeze and then it's time to book it

As i'm leaving i still remember katy's singing "i kissed a girl" and i'm singing along to my own version "i groped a slut and i liked it" hahaha. one of my fav moments ever from an unexpected source.

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