Struggling on train rides. Any suggestions? Advice?

Hey Guys, I need your experience and advice right now. So I've not started this game until now. I've grown out of the candid ass recording game because I did it for years and it was a good run! I've recorded amazing asses in all kinds of clothes. I choose to record nice fat round asses/bubble butts and it's been great. But I wanna try elevate my game and get my dick buried in between one now..

I was tempted to get on the train at rush hour the other day, so I did. it was quite packed I managed to get in with a few people where the automatic doors are and I had my target. Thin black jeans, relatively nice ass. I managed to get in some sort of position to rub my dick on her thigh side of the leg but it wasn't satisfying enough. I managed to gently feel her ass too which was ok.

I'm well aware of the signs of uncomfort due to doing candid recordings. She was ok but then moved off a bit so I left it at that. I've done 3 other journeys which were dreadful. Not crowded enough, being next to random people cos I'm waiting for somebody hot to come on lol or simply not positioning myself in a good spot. But what or where is a good spot?

I had a lovely target today, we were standing up between the seats in a line..again wasn't crowded enough so I couldn't push or get close, but her ass was nice! I by accidently touched her hand cos I was leaning on the seat and she probably thought something was up..I read the signs immediately so I left it there.

Bus journeys are terrible and trains are the only likely place. But I'm finding it useless at the moment..does anybody have any specific advice to make encoxada possible? Or shall I just screw it quit while I'm ahead haha any input would be awesome..thanks

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