guestz: wow another hot story, nothing beats cumming on bare skin. Hot that the girl saw and felt your cum, but scary too.

black shogun: thanks for the props!

easy rider: I couldn't give you an exact distance, there's a lot of variables depending on the band playing. Off to the side will definitely be calmer than the chaos in the middle if that's what you're looking for though.

warped tour usually has a two main stage setup where they alternate from one to the other, which makes it hard to set-up for the longterm, also bands usually only play short 30-45 min sets. my advice would just be to follow the crowds, it's totally acceptable to push your way through the crowd all the way from the back to front and center. If you're not comfortable pushing your way through the crowd just wait for someone else to do it and follow close behind them, works every time.

you're usually gonna have a good crowd at the main stages, some bands can be hit or miss if they're not popular but the headliners are a guaranteed good time.

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