Another Big Booty on Bus7

I was on the same bus route going back towards the city of the same world renown theme park when I ran into another young, early 20s big butt slut again...this one was slightly bigger/thicker, also had on black spandex and also was very very game... she was darker skin though none the less above average looking and had a nice above medium phat ass, I tested the waters with the usual knuckle taps to gauge her and quickly ended up nutts to butt with her booty for a great duration of the ride until I started feeling, rubbing and squeezing on that phat ass to no complaints except when I accidentally squeezed her ass with my finger sliding deep into her ass crack then she kind of jumped... LMAO I couldn't raw it out and skeet on her cuz the bus emptied a lot of people out already, leaving me visible by most... when I got off at my own stop I started talking to, got the number and found out she had a boyfriend... she was still down freaky as fuck.

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