Re: Ayashi - May 2018 Man of the Month

Until the end of it, this month was pretty dismal for stories. Some good stuff from regular folks like Tatsu & BigT and new guys like MaxiSkirtHunter & Poser. I'm partial to the stuff Poser wrote this month. Very well-written and "real chikan" all the way live! It was as if you were right there yourself. I'm going with Poser as the May MOTM!

Note: Easy got to agree with you there . . . a chikan gotta nut in that butt when the opportunity presents itself . . . one of my absolute best chikan nuts ever (maybe THE best) came (no pun intended) only two or three songs into the headliner's first set when I exploded all over this cute redhead's ass (in her little shorty shorts). I did jizz against her butt again later on in the show. Did the "tomahawk chop" between her soft, warm legs . . . everything! Wrote about it all in my story entitled "Crack Snacks".

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