Re: Poser

Another quick story. Really a recap of one I told here before: I had been busy all the afternoon at a more recent Warped, and I found what I knew to be “the one”: a mixed-race beauty that was wearing the usual for warped. It was really hot, so she had on a top that exposed her nice young midsection and shorts that exposed that area that goes from thigh to tight, round ass. Soon as I touched her skin I knew I would have to cum on her. There was literally no way I wouldn’t! So I stuck with her through all the mayhem. There was a point during the show when the band asked everyone to go down to the ground, and although I was probably the oldest one out there I made my way down right beside her. I had my hand on her bare skin, and she never even looked at me because we were like sardines in a can. Now I’m thinki I own her. So when we come back up I’m thinking I’m just gonna pull my shit out again and this time give her what she deserves. It gets crazy and I got my dick out and on her. When it’s time to let it go I position the head deep in her soft thigh and let it gush! I’m about to pass out it feels so good! But then I looked down and she’s looking down too, right at my fully engourged, fully exposed weapon! She is watching the cum shoot onto her thigh! At first she was so shocked that she couldn’t react, then she reached down with the back of her hand and wiped it off her skin- now she doesn’t know what to do with it! She looked at me and then turned to her friend and whispered. The friends eyes got big and they both backed away, so I did the same, in the opposite direction. Got the hell out of that venue and just knew I had effed-up. I was waiting to hear about it on the news but never did. That was the last time I went. About a year later I swear I saw her but she didn’t recognize me.

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