Guestz, poser - Re: Warped Tour

Guys, thanks for the intel & stories. Guestz, I too tend to be a bit concerned & conscious doing the concert thing as an older rider. That is, in part, why I like to get up front early and work from the front. In Warped style crowd, I can play "hero" by letting a female whose getting tossed around in front of me (or, at least, to the side of me). Or, I can let the machinations of the crowd "force" a female in front or to my side.

If security questions me I have my ailbis.

To poser - I tend to set up front & center at the barricade. Judging by your past experience, how many feet to the left of center, or right of center could I stand and still get good action? I'm not a groper, but an ass rider! I don't necessarily need thick cover for my exploits. But, neither do I necessarily want to potentially lose a good ride because of crowd bedlam. I know that will likely happen if standing at or very near front-center of the barricade.

Also, props to you for a mantra I hold dear: "if you have a chance for a nut you should take it." I can't tell you the number of times I've heard guys say "they" didn't want it to end too soon. F*** that!!! Fastest I ever did the deed was 2 songs into what turned out to be a 90 minute concert. Absolutely no regrets for cumming so soon!

Both you of you guys - I've marked 3 dates on the calendar. I'll do 1, but damn straight Imma do 1!!!

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