Warped memories II (WARNING: she may be 15 years old)

I have so many good memories of warped tour. A lot of them have faded over the years, or blurred together but some still stand out, I'll try to remember the best I can. I realized there's two kinds of girls in the pit at warped tour, real punk girls and inexperienced teenies. Pros and cons of both.

The real punk girls will stick around and the front of the crowd in the dense moshpit where you can grope the most aggressively. They're more experienced so more likely to give you an elbow or resist but some can be very passive also. You can get a lot of uggos in this group lol but you can have real punk hotties too. Clothing can go either way you can have some slutty punk girls in ripped clothes, short shorts or even skirts or else they can be in jeans and spikes.

The inexperienced teenies are my favorite though. They're usually hotter, young teen girls 14-17. They're inexperienced so they dress in clothes that make them easy to molest, skin tight mini shorts, tanktops even tube tops or bikini tops. They're very passive or even oblivious. The only downside is they will try to leave the pit if it's too intense. This is the kind of girl I molested in one of my favourite warped tour memories.

This is one memory that's still crystal clear. Rancid, probably my 3rd or 4th warped tour. Rancid was huge and even as a warped tour vet I wasn't prepared for this crowd, it was insane. Usually you have a crush at the front centre of the crowd, then a moshpit behind and from the pit out the crowd is a little less intense. Rancid it was just one huge crush from the back all the way to the stage with thousands of people. Because the crowd was so big lots of girls were caught up in a much tighter crowd than they were planning on.

I was near the front at the start before the band came on and i had my eyes on this teeenie punk chick wearing a plaid skirt. As soon as the band started the push from the back slammed me into her and I started groping her ass. The crowd pushed me off her but I could still reach her and I stuck my hand up her skirt and started squeezing and palming her bare ass with no restraint. She couldn't even turn around to look who was groping her.

The crowd was crazy though and I got completely seperated from her. I had to move back a bit because it was impossible to even move near the front to find a girl.

So I move back from the front but the crowd is still an insane crush, but at least you can push yourself around. I'm sure the warped vets on this board know what it's like moving around in these crowds,stumbling, shoving pushing off people sometimes fighting the crowd pressure, sometimes letting it push you in the direction you wanna go. SO further out and there's a lot more girls to choose from. I'm groping at will squeezing asses and tits all over the place rubbing my dick on girls asses.

I find a perfect little teen to grope. She's small, 5'2 max, pretty little brunette girl. not punk. probably 15. she's wearing loose little white soccer shorts and a tank top showing off her midriff and her cleavage. She's got decent but not big tits for a teenager and a nice handfull of ass. And the best part is she's completely at the mercy of the crowd, being shoved around and almost knocked over, clearly in way over her head. I'm sure she wants out, but at this point the pit is too crazy for her to even try to get anywhere

I get behind her and start palming her ass. perfect soft ass in super thin short and i don't feel any panties. the crowd is rough but i get one arm on either side of her and i'm determined to hold onto her for as long as it takes. So I'm holding onto her and reaching down to grope her ass. She has her shorts rolled at the top to make them shorter and i can easily reach my hand up her shorts to feel her naked ass. there's nothing better than teen ass, soft skin and plump cheeks mmmm, I'm hard just thinking about it.

I get my dick out. I always wear a long to shirt to cover but in this crowds i have no worries and I'm rubbing my hard dick all over her ass, bare thighs and bare lower back. At the same time I'm reaching one hand around her and palming her tits when i can. they're a nice perfect handful, just like her ass.

I'm going crazy with my dick on her bare skin, but I want more and I know she can't stop me. I start pulling down her shorts a little bit and she doesn't even seem to notice. I look down and i can see the top of her perfect little teen ass. Her ass is pale compared to her lower back and she's wearing a little pink thong. I start groping her part naked ass.

I could have stayed like this for the whole show but one thing i've learned is that crowd condtions can change, girls can leave and if you have a chance for a nut you should take it. You can always come back for more later, but there's no worse feeling than missing your nut at the end of the show.

Her little thong drove me crazy and I knew i had to shoot my load in her naked ass crack. I started rubbing my hard dick all over her lower back and bare top of her ass. SHe's not moving an inch in the crush and I'm fully leaned onto her back stroking my hard cock and rubbing it all over her ass crack. The feeling of bare skin was amazing, I could even feel the fabric of her thong rubbing on the back of my cock head.

my balls are getting tight and i can feel the cum building up. I pull her shorts down a little more and I can see her trying to turn to see what's happening, but she can't even get her head around. I'm going for broke now with my shaft pressed into her ass crack and my head pointed at her lower back. I can't get a good hump but I don't need to, I point my head into her ass crack and i'm stroking hard and rubbing my head all over her ass back and forth from one cheek to the other. Finally my orgasm hits and i just start unloading my cum right into her ass crack. omg it was amazing, my dick just twitch and pumping in her crack, covering her ass and lower back in cum and soaking her little thong.

usually i try to get my dick back in my pants quickly after i cum, and depending on the crowd i lose the girl too. but in this crowd i didn't even bother. just left my cock pressed into her naked skin for another minute after my cum while i was plastered to her. When i looked down at my work I could see her ass was still half out and her thong was wet with my cum.

I was still young and horny so i knew I didn't want to give this little teen slut up for the rest of rancids set. the band took a break for a minute and the crowd pressure let up for a bit. I had to ease off her a bit and she managed to pull her shorts up. I was worried she would try to leave the pit so i tried to steer her forward and keep her from moving back. luckily the band started up quickly and there was another crazy push from the back.

I kept molesting her for another 15 minutes before she managed to get away during a longer break just when i was starting to get hard again. during that time i stuck my hand down her shorts and squeezed her naked ass, i groped and squeezed her tits and i kept pulling her short down.

it was so perfect molesting this little teen, my dick still gets hard thinking about it now. this is why warped tour was so great.

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