Re: “Poser” Warped stories

Just thought I’d share one of many Warped Tour stories. I’ve shared some here before but never this one.
I think it was my first Warped outing, and I was having the time of my life: humping, groping, and in between I would walk through the dense crowds and purposely position my heavy semi-hard cock so when a girl squeezed past me her hand would encounter it. Heaven, when they reacted!
Well it all came to a climax on this y’all, milk chocolate colored black girl, one of the few that I encountered on my first Warped.
She had to be 5’11”, and was wearing extremely short shorts. All extremely smooth legs. When I saw her in the crowd about 3 feet in front of me close to the stage I almost jumped over the few people in front of me to get to her! I almost blew it at that moment being too eager, but I worked. I didn’t wait long before touching her thigh, and soon I had a stiff hardon. I just kept feeling her skin because it felt unreal: smooth and “creamy” and best of all, moist from the heat of the day.
When the headliner came on that was it: she started jumping with the rest of the crowd, which was in a frenzy. There was a mosh pit behind us which tightened up the crowd at the stage. I couldn’t move much, so I just let her do all the moving. I had my dick out and extended in front of me letting it up rub and down along the side of her upper thigh down to her knee over and over again. At one point as she jumped, her position changed enough for the head of my penis to get extreme friction l, and that’s when I lost it! I felt the explosion welling up from my balls, the feeling was extremely intense, and then it shot out and onto her skin. She never realized I was emptying my seed on her so I didn’t even try to hide it. I’m pretty sure every drop was on her thigh. She jumped until I went limp, then I turned and pushed my way around the mosh pit and got out of there. From them on I knew I had to try to go to as many Warped events as possible. I hate to see it go, but the truth is I’m too old to not stick out as a perv so I will probably miss this last chance.

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