Recent concert

I’ve had numerous good humps and cums these last few months but just ain’t typed them. Although I’m typing this experience as it confused me very much, I misread the willingness of my woman.

I recently went to a heavy meal concert. I’m behind a white woman my height looking roughly late 20s, with her boyfriend. Still, I went in on her cock in my joggers and it ‘LOOKED’ like she was game. Looked back at me, smiled, said sorry, I say it’s fine. I have my cock in between her cheeks and I feel her press into me. My head and shaft feel sandwiched between her. Goes on for a while, then she really sits it on me and I feel her cheeks on really in my lap, with that crack wrapped around me so tightly. Those round soft cheeks were rubbing all on my thighs as I feel her move left and right slightly.

After some more time I start slowly humping her and I can feel her ass squeezing my cock. At this point her back is on my chest, I even see her boyfriend look at me but he looks forward after that. Music comes on and she’s dancing in my lap, shaking that ass and my cock is bouncing all over the place.

I was real horny at this point so I took my cock out and put it on her. At this point, after a few minutes she put her hand in her back pocket, and I moved my cock up into my top and her forearm was rubbing my head, I really could’ve just cum after this! But after a while, she tells her husband to SWAP PLACES WITH HER! I can lip read him ask why, and she says oh I just couldn’t see.

I think cool, whatever and I move on to this other target, white brunette woman who was wearing something so thin but I just couldn’t see as it was dark. This one was interesting as she was also with her man, and I hadn’t seen her dance ONCE. But the moment I rested the length of my cock, back in joggers, along her crack she bounced that booty up, down, repeat for at least twenty minutes. At first she glanced at me, then for the next twenty minutes she just rode and rode this dick. My God, up down up down non stop. I would move left right and I’d feel her ass just grab around my throbbing, leaking cock and stroke it up and down.

At one point when it was feeling so good I just pushed myself fully into her and had her hair practically in my face lol. She still didn’t miss a beat, and bounced up and down my dick. I was so turned on at her boldness and took my cock out, this felt so delicious. She sat right it right back on me and went straight back to work. At first she did stop bouncing though, and just pressed it into me. I was slamming into her.

But this spiteful woman, the first one I was on, pushed in front of me, and whispered something into her ear! As she moved back to the other side, the woman I was on said ‘yeah I’m alright’. But because of all this, her man started looking at me funny, then moved them both further away! I was very annoyed. Also sorta spoiled my night as leaving straight away would have made me look real guilty of something as the man, and the 1at woman I was on would glance at me periodically. Normally I’d move on to another. I did eventually move but it was late, the place was rammed, but the audience was mainly men.

Moral of the story you can’t always read a woman’s actions. She can seem so into it but may actually not be, or just be careful how far you go. I think being cock out scared her tbh.

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