Warped memories (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

Warped memories

Sad to hear warped tour is shutting down. I have an idea: everyone who's ever attended warped tour should post some of their favorite memories. I'll start, I hope others will join in.

I attended warped tour for many years religiously, first went as a teen in the early 2000s because I loved the music. I quickly realized this was the number one place to grope girls with no consequences. I still remember my first year, and the first cum against a girl. I went with friends and after getting my hands on some girls crowdsurfing I was super horny and realized I needed to ditch my friends so I could seriously grope some girls.

I managed to lose my friends in the crowd at the main stage. For a horny teen, this was heaven. Back then just getting my hands on some tits or ass was so exciting for me. The huge crowd, smashed together, the forces of the crowd pushing everyone around means it's impossible to tell who's doing what. I quickly found myself behind one girl after another, grabbing their asses with no consquence, moving on to groping their tits. The worst they could do was throw an elbow at you and even that was pretty rare.

I ended up behind one girl who was super excited hopping up and down. She was wearing tight black leggings and a ripped up tshirt that exposed a lot of her body. Super pretty face, with long black hair and punk makeup. I started groping her ass, I still remember the feeling, her ass was so soft in her thin leggings. we were smashed together, she was about my height and her soft jiggly ass was pressed right into my crotch. I wasn't even trying to hump her but she kept hopping up and down rubbing her ass all over my dick. I couldn't control myself, i was standing still as her ass massaged my hard dick and I palmed her ass at the same time. I was so horny and excited it probably only took me a minute to cum in my shorts. Warped tour was so dirty and wet and sweaty the cum stain wasn't even noticable. Went back to my friends and had fun the rest of the day, but from then I was hooked and I kept going back year after year.

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