1st ever random experience on PAWG in tight grey maxi skirt

Hi, I've been on this board a few times and I've always been curious about this topic. I want to introduce myself and my first ever ever unbelievable experience I had which happened purely by accident.

So I'm the maxi skirt hunter. I called myself this because for years I've always been so turned on my big fat asses in these tight soft ankle length skirts. You normally see women in the summer wearing them,they also can be known as a sun dress. But I'm not referring to open flowy skirts, the ones I love are figure hugging , thin material and long. They drive me insane when I see a round ass jiggling everywhere in them. Just thinking about it turns me on. So let me tell you about completely unexpected experience. You'll enjoy it:

So Ive finished my holiday and I'm currently at the airport departures lounge ready to depart on my flight back home..I notice this beautiful milf from a distance in a tight grey maxi skirt sitting down with her pram and toddler. The kid kept getting up and running away so the milf would constantly get up to bend over and pick the child up. When I saw how tight her skirt was it blew my mind when she bended over and how round her ass was. she was Indeed a PAWG.

Remember at this point I didn't even know what chikan/encoxada/groping is. I just admired the milf and proceeded to depart and go onto the airport bus so I can get on my plane (my sister and mum were also with me) I was 23. I entered the bus and it seemed a bit busy, I was one of the first to get in. My mum and sister decided to sit down further back, but I chose to stand where the sliding doors were (they're Infront and behind you for loading and unloading)

So I noticed more people were getting in and it began to get quite crowded. Then I saw the PAWG milf get on with her pram she pushed the pram all the way to the sliding doors so she could make room for herself. Coincidentally she ended up right next to me. I was just staring at her fat ass and it was one of the best I've seen. Something came over me and I wanted to rest the back of my hand on her ass. So I did and to my amazement - no reaction. It was incredibly soft and amazing to feel. So I decided to turn my hand around and feel her ass cheeks properly. So I did and OMFG it felt wonderful and once again - no reaction. I rested my left hand palmed on her left ass cheek. I rubbed my way round and round on it and it wasn't me being delicate I was starting to properly rub and kind of squeeze her ass cheek. And it was fucking PERFECT, no reaction, nothing. her boyfriend was on the side so he couldn't see shit.

At this point I'm getting seriously turned on, so I decided to rub her ass crack in the middle and underneath to really feel how curvy her ass cheeks were. It was fucking insane how nice it felt. This lasted for a few minutes. I wasn't directly behind her I was a bit to the
left of her hip. I then noticed a bit of space behind her ass and I wanted to get right behind her properly. So I squeezed behind and then things went to a whole new level.

At this point she was millimetres Infront of me, and I could see just how incredibly shaped this PAWG was. I decided to then palm her right ass cheek and properly rub on it. I Just couldn't believe she was letting me do it to this extent. I felt like her right ass cheek was slightly exposed so I I decided to rub on her ass crack and the left cheek. This lasted for a few minutes. Then IT HAPPENED:

I said to myself let's rub my cock in between that perfect ass crack. Her skirt was so tight her pink thong was kind of visible. So I inched forward and there it was my first ever dick rubbing groping experience. I wedged my cock right in and I felt my cock twitching and growing on her ass. Her ass was so nice that her left and right cheek were pushed onto my thighs so I was fully in and in heaven!

Sadly the best part only lasted a minute or two and before I knew it the airport bus arrived at the plane and we had to get off. She was the first to leave with her pram from the sliding doors followed by me and everyone else. I never got to see her face but I'll never forget how her pawg ass made me feel. I genuinely think she let me do it cos there was a reflection on the sliding doors and I was quite visible when I began to touch her ass. And I'm quite good looking lol but fuck me I've never come close to an experience like that ever. AND that's why I'm here, the feeling was so intense I MUST experience it again. I hope you enjoyed my story.

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