First Chikan Hard On - Part 1(light videos)

First Chikan Hard On (light videos) part1

Before I begin I wanted to make a note. Most of my stories happened about 9 years ago(including this one) so my recollection of them is a little vague. With that being said, if I can’t remember something exactly, I will not make things up but I will state that I vaguely remember within my story. However, because I have so many stories that I want to tell and some that I don’t, there is a possibility that I might include something in a story that happened in a different story. This is not done purposely but it’s just the way the human brain works. I do apologize if this ever happens, but I don’t think I have done this as of yet with any of my stories. Thanks. Enjoy.

About 5 to 8 concerts in to my chikaning career, I finally achieved a full erection...twice. I had slowly built up the confidence to put my nerves aside and focus on my goal, to hump a hot chick with a throbbing hard on. This happened at an outdoor festival, in the middle of summer, with tons of hot girls around me. It was similar to warped tour however it only had two stages. I stayed at the main stage the whole day.

I got to the venue after the gates had opened but people were still walking up to the gate and there was a short line to get in. This festival was held a month later on the same field as warped tour so the capacity was huge. Right away my mouth began to water at the site of all the young meat available to my disposal. Up until that pint I had only gotten soft erections, if any. I was too nervous about getting caught that I let it mess with my head and concentration. But things were different this day.

After entering the venue, I quickly walked towards the main stage. As I round the corner, past done vendors, I se a sea of people taking up half the field in front of the main stage. The smile on my face couldn’t have been bigger. I got closer to the back of the crowd. At this point I was not surveying the crowd for potential targets simply because it is not packed in the back of a crowd. I began working my way in between people. I would get stopped by some people standing shoulder to shoulder but openings quickly appeared and I would sneak my way in until I got stopped again.

While doing this I would occasionally back swipe a girls ass but it wasn’t 100% on purpose because although the crowd was dense, I didn’t want to risk getting caught or yelled at. I was still a little nervous.

By now I was about a quarter crowd behind the front row. Prime real estate. I ended up behind this cute white girl, blond hair tied in a pony tail, a white shirt, and shirt jean shorts (Not the one in the videos, but similar). As the band began to play, she began bobbing her head and body. I slow crept up and let her ass touch my crotch as her waist moved back and forth rhythmically to the music. It was a so so band so the crowd didn’t get too crazy. I stood there for a while getting quite a few bumps from her ass until some girl in cotton shorts and her friends squeezed their way past me trying to get to the front to see the next band. The next band was fairly popular and it was one the I was kinda looking forward to see.

When the girls(I think it was 3) past us, I used the opportunity to get in line behind them and follow them as much as I could. As we got closer, the crowd became denser and a little mor rowdier. The girls continued on and I got stuck behind some dudes that did not let me through but I said fuck it and waited patiently for the current band to Finnish, and for the next one to start.

Wolf Mother finally came on stage! It was about 4 pm and the sun was unbearable but I trucked on. They began playing, and everyone went wild. Pretty soon a circle pit formed. I like to be at the edge of a circle pit because there’s some girls that are paying too much attention to not getting hurt to notice what someone is doing behind them. I got behind this cute girl with a medium sized, firm round ass. She had dirty blond hair, loose gym style shorts a black tank top with small tits and she was about 19 years old. We were both facing the circle pit and the stage was behind us. We were at a slight angle and our right shoulder was pointing towards the stage to be more exact. She was a little taller than me and everythime she would get pushed my a mosher, her ass would rub up agains the area between my penis and belly button. On my happy trail.

Although her ass wouldn’t rub my crotch, I still enjoyed the warm sensation of her buttcheeks on my self. More importantly, I would feel her warm asscrack against me and that would begin to turn me on. I began putting my right hand up on top of my happy trail so that when she would get bumped against me my hand would be there to feel as much details as I could. I felt her left cheek and her right. I maneuvered my right hand so that my fingers would be pointing down and waited. I didn’t have to wait long before someone pushed her towards me again. She went back towards me and her ass landed on the back of my hand. Her ass crack landed right on my middle finger. I felt my finger sink into her crevice. I remember the warmth that enveloped my finger. Her cheeks wrapping themselves on either side of my middle finger. The warmth quickly turning to hot as my finger sank deeper into her ass crack then, back to cool as she moved forward awaiting the next shove. Which did come a few more times.

Since her shorts were loose, she had an opening on both legs, just underneath her cheeks. Noting this, I lowered my hand and flipped it over with my palm facing out and up. I began to curl my finger and started searching for the opening of her shorts. The back of my curled up fingers made contact with the back of her freshly shaven thigh. The soft warm sensation sending shocks to the tip of my cock. I slowly moved my hand up in hopes that she stayed distracted. She did. After moving up an inch or so, I felt it. The bottom crease created by the meeting of her thigh and the bottom of her right buttcheek. It was incredible. Warm, firm and smooth.

Through out this we were both getting pushed around by the pit and by the other concert goers around us so I was trying to be as careful as possible as to not spook her. With each shove and push I slowly moved my hand up further into the bottom of her shorts. I felt the tip of my fingers beginning to get wedged between her ass and her shorts so I stopped. Password is happytrail. I was only up about the second knuckle of my hand into the bottom of her shorts. My hand would get knocked out every now and then because of pushing and shoving in the crowd but I kept going back up. I was nice feeling one cheek, but I wanted to feel both, at the same time. So as I went up for the last time, I used my right pointing finger only. I went up and tilted my hand to the left. There was enough room in the lose shorts to easily allow me to have the bottom part of my finger on her right cheek, over her ass crevice and the top part of my finger on her left cheek without any obstruction from where the shorts are sewn together. I now had my hand pointing to the left with my pointing finger extended, right up against the bottom curved of her ass. This, gentlemen, was heaven for me. Again, I could feel the heat radiating from her ass and into my finger. I managed to do this two or three time before she decided to move into the pit and loose herself in the crowd. I had only achieved half an erection, but I was ready for my next target.....

Disclaimer: the videos posted here are not from this story. They are from a different concert.

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