Re: Guestz - Vegas

EDC actually began in L.A. The promoter moved it to Vegas in the aftermath of the death of a young concert goer in 2010 at EDC-LA. Bad parenting preceding the death led to lawsuit which, in turn, led to multiple payouts by both City of LA, event promoter and he Coliseum Commission:

This year was the first in which the fest schedule changed. It had been held in late June up 'til this years' version.

THe May start still has hot daytime temps, but not nearly so hot at night - probably low 70s this time of year. It's common in late June for those nighttime temps to remain around 90 right up 'til sunrise. Add to that whatever substances are being ingested....

Heat and X don't mix!!!

You're right about the tourist element - both domestic & international. If you watch a bit of the coverage, you'll see peeps with flags to rep.

Yeah....I think you should leave that indie shit alone. Go to Vegas and mess with the "undie" shit (lol).

So you grew up in the Hills, huh? Hehehe - Ohhh I can just imagine some of the primo & high yella stuff you used to do the mess around with.

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