RE black shogun

Regardless of being FAKE or not this shit IS legendary due to the fact this has initiated a lot of chikans to actually began frotting as a past time.
A lot of those fake videos
(now I know they're fake) surely gave guys the idea to hop on transit and to have the hearts to pull such fetishes i.e. all of these exconxada videos that started in central and south america; when I see those videos of hispanics on the city bus pulling their shit out bare on bitches I only can think of the video in the link is what inspired the ballsyness and exhibitionist mindset within them to pull that shit.
I know it did at least for me since I have pulled my ish out and have upped it underneath a girl's dress or skirt on more than one occasion during a chikan session, it's not impossible though is a hard difficult possibility to come by.
And also I should be submitting the next story I promised later on tonight. 14-15yh

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