re Guestz

I've definitely made that mistake more times than not lol. When I first got into chikaning, I was testing out all kinds of shows. I would go to shows not realizing that the bands may be local and just starting out, which means almost NO ONE in attendance lol. My first major success was at Warped Tour (of which I am VERY sad that this is the last year), got this girl during the last act of the night. She was one of those so hyped about the band, and she just didn't care about ANYTHING lol. The whole crowd in front had been hosed the band before, so people were drenched and shirtless lol. She had on just her bra and jeans riding oooohhh so low down her ass, leaving bare crack and sky blue panties visible to me. With the crowd packing in tight just before the last band started, I was pushed right into her. When the band started and everyone went crazy, she was jumping all over the place lol. I put my the back of my hand against her bare back and no damn reaction. The crowd started doing that stumbling thing that densely packed crowds do, where everyone is swaying back and forth trying not to fall over. As I almost fell, my hand slid down her sweat/water drenched back and my index finger slipped down her crack! At that point, I just pulled my junk out and laid it on her lol. Didn't get overly agressive or anything, I let her do the all the work. If the chance ever arises, over-hyped fangirls are the EASIEST to get away with this.

To BigFootBum: bare dick head in bare ass crack, that's all I gotta say bro ;)....

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