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While the south has quite a reputation, I think you may be limiting your adventures unnecessarily. If you live in a relatively large city, you'll find the same type of action you got - you may just have to venture to unfamiliar parts of your city to find to that action.

A couple of examples: in San Diego, you'd go to the Lemon Grove neighborhood. When in Dallas, go to Oak CLiff. And in NYC, hit those Caribbean joints in Brooklyn.

I have a couple of freaky, ratchet places here in the L.A. area. Now, I'm not a true clubber, but I will attend club concerts. These are my ace-in-the-hole spots and I'll drop events at "classier" venues for these places.

You know the website Yelp can be (somewhat) helpful. Admittedly, Yelp does have a reputation for over exaggeration & over-emoting post from it's users. But, when I measure the Yelp user reviews in contrast to my experiences & observations of my spots, it's a wrap!

A very condensed sampling of Yelp reviews for one of my places:

Fighting/Brawling (females included) --- check
Underage admissions (primarily females observed) --- check
Gangbanging ---------- check
Sex on the (dance) floor/"in dark corners" ----- check
Uninvited grinding ---------- check
Lecherous men hanging at the edges of the dance floor -- check
'Cougars' ---- check

Cougars....LOL - I have a story about that. One night I was at one of my places. It was getting heated on the floor...just before the performer was scheduled to take the stage. I hadn't had any luck at this point, but was scanning the floor. Then, I spied her - the 'cougar'. Probably late 30s, 40ish. She had her leg between the legs of this YOUNG dude - easily early 20s. I mean, you could just see the youth in his face! So shes letting him grind/hump away....his eyes were closed....her hand was cradling the back of his head while holding it close to her chest. LOL!!! it looked like he was having a nip at her breast!

The look on her's hard to describe. It appeared to me that it was one of non-nonchalance....a, "yeah, this is what I'm doing, this is who I'm doing it with"

Yelpers would have a field day with that scenario. I love that shit!!!

Yeah, I painted a certain picture. It's a picture bereft of good judgment & bad character...and characters. Hardup men & loose women. If ya can't keep it classy, keep it transitory. And compartmentalize.

I went off the rails a bit....if you want the ratchet action, it's in your backyard.

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