Good Bus Route Chikan

Was on a bus heading to a world renown theme park, it gets crowded at a certain rush hour window.
Two separate accounts I had got two females who had boyfriends in the right position to chikan them.
The 1st one had spandex and hair in a hair ponytailed into a scarf.
She had a nice round phatty (medium sized round ass on a average body), she was buttermilk complected, I give her face about a 6.9 (not trying to be funny.. lol) I had watched a pretty famous chikan video that's been out for years (the one where the guy is wearing slacks and he lifts the girls skirt up to reveal fat round cheeks and he grinds against her until he pulls his boner out and starts rubbin on her bare ass) so I was excited about catching me a game ass freak that would allow for me to do the same.
I boarded the bus, saw her and immediately knew what I wanted to execute as I stood right behind her eyeing down at that fat juicy ass on her back. I was all up on her ass 1st knuckle bumping, testing the waters, then knuckle kneading, and wal-lah I was making contact with my tooley against that ass... I got harder and harder as the ride progressed ready to test how far I could go like the bare cock and bare ass situation in that popular chikan video, I ended up taking my tool out bare and tried grinding it against her lady lumps but the texture of her spandex tights were killing my arousal so I boldly pulled her spandex back and dipped my whole a little over semi erect cockadoodledoo into her pants while she did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING... and O was like "SCORE!!!" so I tried to pull her tights down more but she caught em at the sides and wasn't having that on the public bus.
I was aggravated that I got the chance to get my bare tooley on her round ass cheeks but she wouldn't let me pull her pants down just enough for me to really do how I wanted to do (poke her bare booty cheeks with a raw boner, window wiper that ass meat and hotdog her buns) sooooooo... I just settled with reaching into her tights and weighing them down with my wrists so that they'd be revealing her ads cheeks to me visually arousing as I squeezed them, rubbed them and groped the shit out of her.
We got off at a stop and I got her phone number for a later rendezvous... the only issue with her was the shocking surprise that she told me she had a boyfriend and she was delivering a package to him via the mailing depot.
You bros already know what happened eventually. 😈
Another story COMING soon...

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