Re: Guestz

I'm considering going to one of the tours this summer as well since it's the last year they're having it. I actually have another festival lined up literally the day after so I'll definitely be busy in a few months. I'm going to be on hiatus until the summer to save some money because 2 festivals back to back aren't cheap.

But sadly you're right about the whole "hippie" thing. They're hipsters, not hippies, pretty sure hippies would be fucking one another in the crowd without a care in the world, embracing lust and carnal pleasure. A dick rubbing against their asses wouldn't be worth a 2nd thought. Unfortunately with this whole feminist age plus the whole sexual allegation era overtaking Hollywood things are harder for a chikan.

Shit like this kills me, a feminist punk band teaching about safety during festivals, no wonder this shit is shutting down! People love debauchery, not being taught safety at a damn festival. I'm glad the festival I go to after that is way more loose. Last year girls were walking around topless and everything, fucking beautiful!

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