Re: Easy Ride/“Warped” Tour

Yeah I’m done wasting money on Indie music venues. They are like a hippie community or something, but only in a bad way. Hippies wouldn’t have been so hung-up about contact like that. At least that’s what my understanding of them is. They were into a “sexual revolution”. This new breed stuff is the opposite: I’ve seen reports that they stay virgin longer, don’t marry as much, are a lot of times celibate. Now concerning The Warped Tour: my experience is it’s the best damn thing you can do this summer! And just so you know, you better make sure you get to one because it’s the last year of it! I’m thinki about trying to pull that one off if possible. I’ve never done as much nasty stuff as I did at that venue! But be careful: it’s a lot of youngsters, and I do believe they watch when older attendees show up. I got in one year free on a “chaperones” pass by pretending to just be following my “kids”! Pulled my tool out and nutted on a mixed-race gems’ beautiful barethigh- while she watched! But I had to leave quick and have not been back since.

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