Guestz - Festival misfortune

I too am sorry to hear about the shutout. Hopefully wasn't too expensive an outing for nothing. As you said, chalk it up to a lesson. There are a couple of groups I used to see regularly that "graduated" (or, aged out) to the indie circuit. I observed the aging of the fan base and knew that those groups would soon be no gos for ridin'.

Speaking to your observation of the crowd dynamic, there were a handful of comments to the Teen Vogue hitpiece from indie music fest attendees. Comments were telling as, in essence, what was purported to have occurred at Coachella does not/would not happen at an indie show because:
(a) The "sophistication" of the audience
(b) The type ("quality") of music performed vs. that of mainstream music fests.
(c) An unspoken social contract whereby attendees look out for each other, and frown upon certain social misdeeds (for lack of better definition).

I guess it's been a couple of months now....another poster mentioned the Warped Tour. I took a look at some of the pictures from past shows. MAN!!! about what I've been missing!

As a result, I'm definitely attending at least one of the shows of that tour.

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