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A Not So Good Outing....

Well Red Dragon, my time out on the prowl didn’t turnout very good, and I have to say I have no good stories to report on this latest endeavor whichactually occurred last weekend. I held-out writing anything to not pinpoint where I was. Very disappointed to say the least. I did learn something from this expensive experience though.
It was a perfect weekend, weather-wise, and usually this brings the kind of mix I delight in: short-shorts, drunken targets, the usual. But this one was a little different, and here’s what I figured out.
The crowds for this type of outing were a little too old for what I usually go for. There were plenty girls here and there, but they we not wearing the slutty type of clothes (for the most part) that I usually go for. This was an indie-type music scene, and the crowd was way too “sophisticated”, if I can use that term loosely.
I think from here on in I will only go to shows that will attract the older “teen”, early 20’s crowd. I was surrounded by watt too many 30,40, and 50 year olds, that in my experience are too seasoned for my liking. Too many times I started-in on targets and they immediately turned to see what was up. I got a few good grinds but had to work way too hard to get those. I got absolutely NO bare-Dick to bare skin action- the first time in many years! I got a show coming in late summer that stays true-to-form will satisfy my desires, but that is a long ways off. In the meantime I have to hope for a trip out west to work some other spots that are usually fruitful. Feeling bummed...

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